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very good chemical resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance (long-lived) The... more
Product information "CSM Hypalon black 70Sh rolls"

very good chemical resistance, temperature resistance and aging resistance (long-lived)

The CSM rubber (also called Hypalon) is made of chlorosulfonyl polyethylene rubber and is a rubber compound for thermal and chemical-aggressive sealing applications. The rubber is characterized by excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical properties and high temperature resistance (up to + 150 ° C), as well as high flame retardancy and low gas permeability. The resistance to weathering, ozone, aging, acids and alkalis is very good, as well as good against oils and fats.

The medium-hard rubber compound has a hardness of about 70°Shore A and is the usual standard hardness for rubber, comparable to car tires. The best choice for many applications. The rubber compound remains dimensionally stable under pressure over a large area and springs in slightly.

colour: black
hardness: medium solid (until 70°Shore A)
properties: age resistant (long-lived), chemicals resistant
material: CSM (Hypalon)
working temprature range: -20°C until +120°C
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