Viton 1A black 72Sh rolls

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Excellent chemical resistance, petrol resistance, oil resistance, temperature resistance,... more
Product information "Viton 1A black 72Sh rolls"

Excellent chemical resistance, petrol resistance, oil resistance, temperature resistance, weathering resistance (UV / ozone resistant) & aging resistance (long-lived)

The Viton rubber is made of hexafluoropropylene-vinylidene fluoride, is a copolymer and is a rubber compound for high-thermal and chemical-aggressive sealing applications. The rubber is characterized by an excellent resistance to almost all media and a very high temperature resistance (up to + 250 ° C), as well as good mechanical properties, high tensile strength, high flame retardancy and low gas permeability. The resistance to oils, fats, petrols, acids and alkalis is excellent.

The hard rubber compound has a hardness of about 72°Shore A and has a high intrinsic stability and a low bending behavior. Compared to the standard hardness (like car tires) of approx. 65°Shore A, this rubber compound is a little harder and stays very stable in shape over a large area of pressure and does not noticeably spring. The natural vibration of the rubber is very low under load.

colour: black
properties: age resistant (long-lived), chemicals resistant, oil resistant, petrol resistant, weather resistant (UV / ozone resistant)
hardness: hard (until 90°Shore A)
material: Viton
working temprature range: -20°C until +250°C
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