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excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance & aging resistance (long-lived) The NBR rubber... more
Product information "NBR black 65Sh rolls"

excellent oil resistance, chemical resistance & aging resistance (long-lived)

The NBR rubber (also called Perbunan) consists of acrylonitrile and butadiene, is a copolymer and is a rubber compound for many oil-resistant sealing applications. The rubber is characterized by excellent oil resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile strength, as well as a favorable aging behavior and a low compression set. The resistance to oils, fats (vegetable and animal), fuels and heating oils is excellent.

The medium-hard rubber compound has a hardness of about 65°Shore A and is the usual standard hardness for rubber, comparable to car tires. The best choice for many applications. The rubber compound remains dimensionally stable under pressure over a large area and springs in slightly.

colour: black
properties: age resistant (long-lived), fat resistant, oil resistant
hardness: medium solid (until 70°Shore A)
material: NBR (Perbunan)
working temprature range: -20°C until +70°C
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