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excellent weather resistance (UV / ozone resistant) & aging resistance (long-lived) The EPDM... more
Product information "EPDM black 50Sh rolls"

excellent weather resistance (UV / ozone resistant) & aging resistance (long-lived)

The EPDM rubber is made from ethylene-propylene-diene rubber, is a terpolymeric elastomer and is the most widely used rubber compound for many outdoor applications. The rubber is characterized by a very good weather resistance, ozone resistance and temperature resistance (up to + 100 ° C) and is extremely durable, due to the very good aging resistance. Resistance to diluted chemicals, acids and alkalis is good.

The soft rubber compound has a hardness of about 50°Shore A and seals well even on rough surfaces (bumps). Compared to the standard hardness (like car tires) of about 65°Shore A, this rubber compound is a bit softer and remains dimensionally stable even with large pressure loads, but it absorbs a bit of pressure.

colour: black
hardness: soft (until 50°Shore A)
properties: age resistant (long-lived), weather resistant (UV / ozone resistant)
material: EPDM
working temprature range: -30°C until +100°C
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