NK sponge rubber black sheets

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weather resistance (UV / ozone resistant) & aging resistance (long-lived) The cellular rubber... more
Product information "NK sponge rubber black sheets"

weather resistance (UV / ozone resistant) & aging resistance (long-lived)

The cellular rubber is a foam in the commercial hardness or density and adapts under light pressure immediately and very well to uneven surfaces. The good recovery behavior (i.e., the material returns to its original shape) allows for optimal sealing. A compression of the material from 30% to max. 50% before sealing is recommended, with a compression of more than 50% damaging the material structure and greatly reducing the recovery behavior.

colour: black
working temprature range: -40°C until +70°C
hardness: very soft (until 30°Shore A)
properties: acid resistant, bases/alkali resistant, weather resistant (UV / ozone resistant)
material: NR (natural rubber)
adhesive: not self-adhesive
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